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Waterless Car Wash!

Green Salute sets fresh benchmarks in the world of green car care. Equipped with an innovative cleaning solution and an army of trained service personnel, we clean cars without water quickly and easily. Our doorstep car cleaning process is less laborious and completely eco-friendly.

What makes Green Salute car cleaning without water unique is that their doorstep service is highly affordable.

ater makes life possible on earth. Hailing from a drought prone region in rural Maharashtra, the Dhok Brothers had witnessed people walking miles for just one pot of water. Inspired to find a way, they pioneered the solution – waterless car wash and started Green Salute in 2016.

Many were impressed by the noble ideal and helped expand the business to multiple cities across India. The no water car cleaning drive is gathering momentum now and expanding pan India impacting thousands of lives by giving business opportunity through franchise / partner model and saving millions of liters of water for all of us.

We appeal to you all to take a small step towards environmental prosperity and adapt to water free car cleaning. Call us today at 7679646464 and join the movement for shifting the Indian car care ecosystem towards a greener and affordable trajectory.